Business Dev Manager

Powerful Outreach & Engagement Solution For Business Development Managers

Identify valuable business opportunities faster, optimize outreach strategies, and keep your team focused with Buzz’s intelligent outreach solutions.

Data-Enriched Lead Generation

Generate qualified leads from a database of over 350 million verified work emails and over 750 million data-enriched prospect profiles. Uncover valuable data on work history, location, and additional contact details to identify high-value prospects and keep your pipeline full of opportunities.

Powerful Analytics

Sophisticated, automated analytics reports help you optimize your strategy and create a proven outreach game plan that enhances your success rates. Make more informed decisions on how to reach your objectives through detailed reporting and valuable metrics.

Efficient Team Management

Designated workspaces for team leaders give access to detailed team activity reports and dashboards, making workflows and pipelines more visible. Ensure high-value leads are being prioritized and identify which team members need support to achieve their KPIs.

Powerful Automations

Automated, personalized email sequencing and follow-ups across multiple channels and touchpoints ensure you never miss the perfect chance to connect with a prospect. Streamline your team’s workflow and enable them to focus on the most high-value tasks.

Reach the people that matter most and keep your pipeline flowing efficiently

Buzz helps business development managers to identify high-value prospects through sophisticated targeting and data enrichment, giving you all the information you need to identify and connect with valuable contacts. Uncover opportunities and drive growth through intelligent, automated, and optimized engagement campaigns.

Drive Growth & Save Time

The average Buzz Pro client saves over 42 hours per week while driving annual revenue increases of over £100,000 - helping business development managers drive growth more efficiently.

Identify More Opportunities

Buzz’s data-enriched lead generation helps you keep your pipeline full of qualified leads, giving your business more opportunities to reach new clients and expand.

Meet More Clients

On average, Buzz helps to secure a 26% increase in client meetings, giving your outreach strategy a powerful boost.

Boost Productivity

Automated workflows, detailed analytics and enhanced pipeline visibility helps your team work more efficiently, leading to an average 57% increase in productivity.

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