Sales Leaders

All-In-One Engagement Solution For Sales Leaders

Optimize sales strategies and empower your team with Buzz’s automated, scalable, and intelligent outreach solution.

Data-Enriched Strategies

Lead a more informed sales strategy with data-enriched lead generation giving you access to prospects’ location, work history, and contact details. Chase hotter leads with more information at your fingertips for more efficient sales strategies driven by data.

Powerful Automation

Streamline your team’s workflows with intelligently automated email sourcing and sequencing that ensures you never miss a chance to reach a prospect. Let Buzz handle outreach so your team can focus on the high-value conversations that will close deals with top clients.

Streamlined & Integrated

An all-in-one solution offering streamlined workflows and powerful integrations including Salesforce, Crunchbase, and ZoomInfo. Bring together your team, technology, and tasks in one place to increase the visibility of your sales funnel.

Analytics That Drive Results

Powerful analytics give you insights into the most effective outreach strategies, while team management tools provide you with a full view of your team’s workloads and achievements. Get a more comprehensive view of your entire outreach strategy and team dynamics.

Lead your sales team to success with intelligent outreach

Enhance your team’s reach and engagement with an all-in-one solution that enriches lead profiles, automates campaigns and drives real results. Powerful outreach tools for your team and efficient team management solutions for sales leaders pave the way to more successful engagement strategies.

Save Time & Drive Growth

The average Buzz Pro client saves 42 hours per month through automation and streamlined workloads while benefiting from over $100,000 annual revenue growth.

Maintain Lean Sales Teams

Lead a leaner sales team with designated workspaces for sales leaders that enable efficient team management and keep sales teams focused on high-value prospects and impactful conversations.

Boost Productivity

Empower your team with streamlined and automated workflows that help your team work smarter and drive real results - Buzz helps teams achieve an average 57% increase in productivity.

Increase Client Meetings

Data-enriched leads and automated, personalized email sequencing helps Buzz users secure an average of 26% more client meetings, laying the foundations for successful deals.

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