Sales Reps

Intelligent, Automated Outreach Software For Sales Reps

Optimize your campaigns, automate your workflows and generate data-enriched leads to close deals faster.

Powerful Automation

Reduce your workload with intelligently automated email sequencing and personalization, making it easier than ever to reach the right prospects. Save time on low-value tasks like scheduling and data entry to focus on winning valuable clients in the conversations that matter.

Data-Enriched Lead Generation

Learn more about your leads with data-enriched profiles including work history, location, and additional contact details. Efficiently identify the hottest leads with sophisticated targeting and close the deal faster thanks to better data about your leads.

Multi-Channel, Multi-Touchpoint Outreach

Discover and connect with high-value leads across multiple channels and touchpoints, enabling a comprehensive, targeted, and far-reaching sales strategy. Make an impact with automated email sequencing and follow-ups that reach leads at the right time and right place every time.

Intelligent Analytics

Optimize your sales strategies and campaigns through sophisticated engagement analytics showing which channels make the most impact. A/B test your templates and campaigns to optimize your outreach and drive higher conversion rates.

Streamlined outreach helping sales reps make more powerful connections

Save time and streamline your workflow with automated outreach, giving you more time to chase the conversations that close deals. Build stronger customer relationships through data-enriched profiles and meet your sales quotas more efficiently.

Save Time & Focus On What Matters

The average Buzz Pro client saves 42 hours per month, giving sales reps more time to focus on high-value tasks and build valuable customer relationships.

Boost Productivity

Streamline your outreach activities, automate email sequencing, and personalize your campaigns to drive an average 57% increase in productivity.

Increase Client Meetings

Personalized outreach driven by data-enriched lead generation enables sales reps to engage leads more efficiently, leading to 26% more client meetings on average.

Manage Your Pipeline & Stay Lean

Detailed, automated analytics give you a clear view of your campaigns and activity, helping you manage your sales pipeline and keep track of your most urgent or valuable tasks.

Learn How Buzz Helps Sales Reps Stragically Prospect, Close, & Scale Their Revenue Objectives