Intelligent, Deal-Closing Engagement Software To Grow Your SMB

Scale your performance and growth effortlessly with Buzz’s market-leading outreach solution

Data-Enriched Leads

Take the guesswork out of lead data with an internal database of over 350 million verified work emails and over 750 million data-enriched prospect profiles. Never miss a vital connection - enhance your outreach strategy with targeted, high-value prospect sourcing and lead generation.

Streamlined & Automated

Improve the efficiency of your outreach process with powerful automation that streamlines lead management from prospecting through to closing. Save time and focus your effort where it’s needed most to capture more prospects and close more deals.

Personalized & Direct Outreach

Automated data processes give you the time to perform direct outreach with enhanced touchpoints and personalized lead profiles. More information on your prospects helps you make a bigger impact in conversations and makes deals easier to close.

Targeted Visibility

Keep up with larger competitors using unique targeting capabilities that find the people who’ll get your business noticed. Develop relationships with key contacts, start the conversations that matter, and drive market awareness through impactful connections.

Targeted Outreach That Gets Results

Driving awareness and growth means reaching the right people at the right time to compete with larger competitors. Our market-leading lead generation and email sequencing solutions help you effortlessly create the relationships that will drive success.

Increase Client Meetings

Targeted lead generation and personalized email sequencing that follows up at the perfect time drives successful outreach, with an average 26% increase in client meetings.

Boost Productivity

Streamline and automate key outreach workflows to help your team work smarter and get results, with an average 57% increase in sales team productivity.

Optimize Performance

Improve efficiency and maximize your budget with streamlined, automated outreach that helps your team spend more time with high-value, high-probability prospects.

Maintain Lean Sales Teams

Designated workspaces for sales leaders enable efficient team management, keeping sales teams focused on key goals, high-value prospects, and impactful conversations.


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