Social Outreach

Leverage over 2000 Social touchpoints using Buzz’s automated, data-enriched multichannel sequencing.


Hours Saved Per Month


Avg. Response Rate


More Deals with Data


Monthly Touchpoints

Your Prosfessional Social Account

Buzz allows you target and enrich your Navigator Filter Searches and Lists, Recruiter Projects, Social Posts, Events, Groups, and CSV's.

Automate Outreach

Align and unify outreach campaigns across Social, email and other channels to create a single source of truth that helps you understand which channels engage your prospects best.

Data Enrichment

A huge database of data-enriched profiles at your fingertips, giving you the information you need to take conversations from Social to email and close prospects.

Unlimited Prospects

Widen your net and generate more interest with unlimited prospects at no extra cost - giving you a budget-friendly tool for capturing more leads.

Unlimited Touchpoints

Fine-tune your campaigns across unlimited touchpoints, allowing you to reach prospects at the perfect time through InMail, direct messages and email, strengthening connections and increasing CTA efficiency.

Unlimited Campaigns

Buzz gives your strategy space to grow, with unlimited campaigns and real-time data-driven optimizations alongside A/B testing for targets and sequences.

Easiest Pipeline Integration

Use Buzz Pipeline management feature or use one of our native CRM integrations for direct two-way pipeline management and make sure your new leads are added directly into your CRM.

Scalability Built-In

Leading sales intelligence that’s unobtainable through Social alone gives your company the competitive edge it needs to increase leads and grow faster. Designated workspaces, collaborative tools, and results dashboards give you the tools to rapidly scale and keep a full view of your whole team’s campaigns and activities.

Targeted Strategies & Touchpoints

Quickly and easily create tailored strategies to engage hot leads by leveraging data on their interests. Target specific posts, events and groups to reach leads at exactly the right touchpoint.

Fully-Featured At All Levels

Buzz’s full range of Social capabilities are available at every service level, giving your team the power to generate targeted leads through Social no matter your budget.

A/B Tested Templates

Start your campaigns immediately with ready-made templates with a proven record of success. Our A/B tested starter templates for campaigns, workflows and sequences have closed millions of dollars in sales already - and they’re ready to help you close your sales next.

Buzz is scalable for any team at any level. Learn how annual clients see a +700% ROI.

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