Buzz Video

Buzz integrates first of its kind automated video activities into your outreach campaigns to create dynamic workflows that enhance outbound success through video communications.


Better CTR


Sales Opportunities


More Replies


Personalized Feel

Why Use Video Outreach?

Video outreach gives your campaigns a dynamic new tool to enhance your ability to connect with prospects. Cut through the noise of traditional text-based messaging with personalized, dynamic video content and make a bigger impact with your target audience.

Automated & Scalable

Buzz enables you to skip the 1-to-1 stage by sending personalized video messages at scale, leveraging automated workflows and outreach sequencing to help you reach more prospects faster.

Dynamic Templates

Create a library of video templates by recording or uploading videos for Buzz to automatically personalize. Buzz will attach a recorded background with content that’s relevant to your prospect and your messaging, then send the video directly to your prospect according to your automated sequences.

Higher Conversion Rates

Using explainer videos to clearly and effectively explain your value proposition to prospects helps to secure their interest and increase conversion rates. Companies leveraging video content in their outreach campaigns enjoyed 20% higher conversion rates in the first 30 days of their strategy compared to those without video content.

Generate More Responses

Using video content grabs your prospect’s attention more effectively than text-only messaging. Video content increases open rates by 16% and response rates by 26%.

Convey Messaging Efficiently

With the number of messages and emails your prospects receive on any given day, it can be easy for inbox fatigue to creep in and dilute the value of the content they read. Video reduces inbox fatigue by providing more engaging content that helps recipients retain more of the message than text-based content.

Utilize Hybrid Video

Buzz enables you to create hybrid videos that use a screen recording with a pop-out selfie bubble, clearly conveying your product’s value while maintaining a personal touch. 58% of Sales Reps report that hybrid video delivers the highest response rate compared to screen-only and selfie-style video content.

Buzz is scalable for any team at any level. Learn how annual clients see a +700% ROI.

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