Business Dev Reps

Streamlined Outreach Solution For Business Development Reps

Accelerate prospecting workflows with streamlined, automated, and intelligent engagement software.

Streamlined For Success

Automated email sequencing and follow-ups ensure you always connect with clients at the right time across multiple channels and touchpoints. Automate low-value tasks to save time and focus on developing high-value prospects.

Data-Enriched Leads

Understand your prospects at a glance with data-enriched lead profiles giving access to work history, location, and additional contact details. More information on your prospects enables personalized campaigns that build stronger relationships.

Optimize Through Analytics

Sophisticated engagement analytics and automated reporting help you understand the tactics that work for accelerated prospecting. A/B test campaigns, messaging and content to optimize your strategy and build proven sequences for success.

Multi-Channel, Multi-Touchpoint Engagement

Discover and connect with high-value prospects across multiple channels and targeted touchpoints to make the right impression at the right time. Track prospects across touchpoints and guide them through sequences with ease to accelerate prospecting.

Streamlined outreach that drives efficient prospecting

Buzz helps business development reps to engage with prospects more efficiently, with data-enriched profiles and easy personalization helping to make real connections. Automations and streamlined workflows help you focus on high-value prospects and get results.

Save Time & Accelerate Prospecting

Buzz Pro helps users save an average of 42 hours per month - enabling you to focus on high-value prospecting activities instead of repetitive manual tasks.

Enhance Productivity

Automated sequencing and personalized outreach enable you to reach prospects faster and drive the conversations that make a real impact, with an average 57% increase in productivity.

Stay On Top Of Your Pipeline

Access all the prospect data, tasks, and tools you need in one place to stay on top of your pipeline and keep advancing prospects to the next stage.

Streamline Your Workflow

Automated, personalized, and optimized sequencing means you can always see the next step in your prospect’s journey and ensure success at every stage.

Learn How Buzz Helps Business Development Reps Boost Performance & Beat Their Quota