Find The Best Talent Faster With Intelligent Outreach Software For Recruiters

Efficient and intelligent lead generation using data-enriched profiles helps you find the right candidate faster.

Data-Enriched Leads

Access a database of over 350 million verified work emails and 750 million enriched profiles to find the right talent with the right credentials. Work history, location, and additional contact information help you find the right candidates and reach them at the right place.

Personalized Outreach

Grab candidates’ attention with easy personalization driven by data, increasing engagement through tailored messaging and targeted touchpoints. Understand each candidate at a glance to drive the right conversations and secure their interest.

Reach Talent First

Automated email sequencing and follow-ups ensure you never miss a chance to connect with top candidates, helping you reach them before your competition.

Powerful Integrations

Bring everything you need into one comprehensive workspace, with essential integrations including Crunchbase, ZoomInfo, and Gmail.

Take the guesswork out of recruiting and reach the right talent at the right time

Buzz’s intelligent outreach solution helps recruiters to find the best candidates by generating data-enriched profiles giving you all the information you need to reach them at the right time. Automated multi-channel engagement means you can reach candidates as soon as you find them, and make an impact with tailored messaging that catches their attention.

Make A Real Connection

Use crucial insights like work history and location data to understand candidates at a glance and tailor your messaging to ensure a connection.

Save Time Through Automation

Buzz Pro users save an average of 42 hours per month by automating low-value manual tasks - giving recruiters more time to focus on finding and securing top talent.

Scale With Ease

Unlimited channels, touchpoints, and campaigns give your business the flexibility to meet recruitment needs no matter how much it grows.

Analytics That Drive Success

Powerful analytics, automated reporting, and sophisticated A/B testing help you to find the messages that cut through to candidates, catching talent’s attention in even the busiest inbox.

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