Basic Plan

You get full access to Buzz's leading sales engagement platform for under $100 per month.

Multi-Channel Outreach

Create campaigns targeting your ideal prospects and let Buzz put you in front of decision-makers. Use intelligent multi-channel sequencing to engage prospects while analyzing data to define subsequent outreach strategies.

We Support:

  • Premium, Sales & Recruiter
  • Lead Lists
  • CSV import - upload your own list
  • Post engagement
  • Buzz's Internal Retargeting

Unlimited Touchpoints

Create connections at subtle touchpoints increasing the likelihood of prospects responding to CTAs sent via InMail, direct message, and email.

Unlimited Campaigns

Create unlimited campaigns and A/B test your targets and sequences. Use real-time data from Buzz to optimize campaigns continuously.

Unlimited Prospects

The Basic Plan allows you to target an unlimited number of prospects. Increase your leads, not your costs!

Designed to scale

We bring leading sales intelligence to your organization and through designated workspaces allow your leaders to easily control their teams by providing specific conditions for each account.

Done-by-You Software

An intuitive user experience designed to minimize the inefficiencies of cold outreach with tools to optimize your campaigns.

Client Success Centre

Our help center provides access to documentation for you to get the most out of Buzz, including getting started, connecting tools, automating workflows, and the latest product announcements.

Built-in Support Chat

Built-in live chat connects you with Buzz customer support for quick responses to any questions.

A/B Tested Outreach Templates

Use our starter templates for workflows and sequences that have closed millions of dollars in sales.

250 Enrichment Credits

Buzz enriches and validates 250 prospects with additional information by including contact number, email addresses, and more.

Buzz is scalable for any team at any level. Learn how annual clients see a +700% ROI.

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