Essential Plan

We’ll show your team how to use and maximize your effectiveness using all of the core tools.

Outreach strategy

Your dedicated Buzz account manager will assist in creating ongoing outreach strategies for you to follow. We review your campaigns in weekly calls to find opportunities to optimize campaigns.

Basic, Premium, Sales & Recruiter

We work with you to grow your network and help to facilitate one-on-one connections with your ideal prospects.

Expand Outreach with Email

Take your campaigns from social platforms directly to your prospect's inbox. We have found 2-3 email follow-ups increase response rates by 40%. Responses lead to conversations that you can convert into valuable clients.

Done-with-You Support

You get full access to the Buzz Success Centre and Live Support Chat, along with a dedicated customer success representative for ongoing strategy calls and email support. This is a great middle ground between the Buzz Basic and Buzz Pro.

Dedicated campaign manager, onboarding & implementation

A dedicated Buzz Success Manager will support you with the setup and rollout of your initial campaigns.

Ongoing 1-on-1 success strategy

Beyond onboarding and implementation, your dedicated Buzz Account Executive will connect via weekly (or bi-weekly) strategy calls to help optimize your outreach campaigns.

3000 Enriched Profiles

Buzz validates and enriches 3,000 monthly prospects with additional information by including contact numbers, email addresses, and more detailed insights.

Buzz is scalable for any team at any level. Learn how annual clients see a +700% ROI.

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